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Wine tour France - A quick intro ...

A wine tour through the wine regions of France is the perfect opportunity to get to know the authentic side of this country better and to fall under its unique charm. What could be better than taking a wine tour of France and exploring the authentic side of this beautiful country?

France is one of the most beautiful and varied countries for a wine tour when it comes to beautiful landscapes, wine and gastronomy. Moreover, it has everything to offer when it comes to the most diverse forms of accommodation for a successful wine experience. From luxury 4 and 5 star wine hotels to authentic chateaus and wine farms where you can taste wine and spend the night. You can also combine all this with a great cultural and gastronomic offer.

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Wine tour France - All our wine tours can be tailor-made !

Tips & Tricks - Wine tour France

What are the wine regions to visit and best wine routes on a wine tour of France? organizes wine tours for you to the wine destination in France of your choice. For the real authentic event, you should visit:

  • Corsica
  • Jura
  • Savoie
  • Languedoc-Roussillon


Other areas are of course also possible and equally great, but more touristy:

  • Bordeaux
  • Burgundy
  • Alsace
  • Provence
  • Loire and Anjou
  • Rhone
  • Dordogne
  • etc

Corsica, the Jura, the Savoie, and the Languedoc-Roussillon in the southernmost part of France are the least visited wine regions, yet we recommend these ones not only for their unknown beautiful wines but also for their beautiful landscapes. You will therefore be pleasantly surprised. In all the regions mentioned, you can combine delicious wine tastings with cultural visits and beautiful landscapes.

France has an overwhelming choice of wines. In France, every wine lover can fullfill his or her wine needs and desires. In addition, every French wine region has its AOC protected wine areas and wine routes. From the Crément d’Alsace to the Patrimonio in Corsica, the St-Emilion in the Bordeaux region, whatever wine lover you are, we organize your authentic wine tour to the wine region of your wishes or along some wine regions, whether or not combined with another theme such as a culinary excursion.

Every season is suitable to visit France for its wines. Sunny days are available all year round, in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every season has its charms and the four wine regions that we prefer to let you discover, Corsica, the Jura, Savoie and Languedoc-Roussillon, can all be visited in each of the four seasons. This also applies to the other French wine regions.

Of course there are a number of factors that can influence your choice for a certain date. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, it is better to go before or after the high season while if you want to experience a certain activity around the wine process such as the grape harvest, depending on the region and the weather, this will be between mid-August and late September, half October. Do you want to see snow on the peaks in the Savoie, the beautiful autumn colors of the Jura forests, or just take wonderful spring days with you? We are happy to advise you.

If you are a wine lover interested in the first harvests of the season and the primeur wines, we recommend that you book early in advance to avoid disappointment regarding the availability of the accommodation. In addition, some wine hotels and chateaus may be closed in winter. Some accommodations may also be in high demand in the early and late seasons, but especially in summers. France is a large and tourist country with a great demand for authentic accommodation. So it is best not to wait too long before booking your wine tour.

During your wine tour you will stay in authentic and charming hotels of good quality to the most luxurious hotels France can offer you. Authentic luxury bed & breakfasts in wine estates, castle accommodation, luxury golf and spas ideal for honeymoon or family trips, everything is possible. We put together the best wine tours for you and with you or you can book a ready-made wine tour.

All accommodations have been carefully selected to best meet your needs and to offer you the most authentic wine experience possible. There is also nothing missing gastronomically. At most accommodations you can dine, some also have lunch, sometimes in the on-site Michelin restaurant with professional sommeliers who can advise you the best vintages for an optimal culinary experience. Naturally, all accommodations have spacious rooms with many facilities and amenities. If desired, and if available, we can even arrange a room with a view of the vineyards.

Wine tourism nowadays attracts more and more tourists and France plays a major role in this. Wine lovers from all corners of the world come to France in particular to learn, gain inspiration or live a unique wine experience in the French vineyards and taste high quality wines. Due to the ever-evolving range, you can always see innovative ideas and products emerge around wine tours. Wine tours and golf, culinary trips, wellness, ok we at offer you if desired these inspiring and relaxing wine tours.

So do not hesitate any longer and request a quotation without any obligation.

Wine regions France

You can easily combine a wine tour to Corsica with a visit to the many beautiful villages and beautiful nature of Mediterranean island. Mountain villages such as Calvi, Piana or Bonifacio are not to be missed. Nature is abundant. The bay of Bonifacio, the azure blue sea, the picturesque rocks, and much more. And wine in this all? Have you ever heard of the Patrimonio? This is the oldest AOC in Corsica or one of the first wines whose territories got protected with this quality label.

Culinary, Corsica is an unknown destination in the rich French cuisine and deserves more than being discovered. Its delicious wines go well together.

The Champagne is only an hour and a half’s drive from Paris and only 3 hours from Brussels. Your wine tour through the Champagne wine region begins with a visit to Reims, the capital of the Champagne region and its romantic cathedral full of beautiful colors, its beautiful city center, and its many restaurants to enjoy the regional cuisine. After discovering this nice city, you are ready to move on to the Champagne hills with its picturesque morning glow and you will immerse yourself in a dream of love and glory. For sure, tasting a delicious glass of Champagne in one of the many castles between the beautiful hills will complete your authentic wine experience.

Alsace is a rapidly emerging wine region in eastern France about 5 hours from Brussels and Paris. Do you want a wonderful wine tour to a French region with its own unique wines and its own regional cuisine? Then Alsace is the ideal destination for you. It is also the ideal starting point for a longer wine tour to the south and through France.

Alsace has its own AOC protected wines and its own sparkling wines, the Crémant d’Alsace.

On the way to Savoie near the French Alps and Languedoc-Roussillon in the southern most part of France, you will pass the Jura, just southeast of the Burgundy, another fantastic wine region. The Jura is one of those tiny and unknown wine regions of France that will more than surprise you. Moreover, you can admire here beautiful nature, not only waterfalls and forests, but also beautiful villages such as Salins-les-Bains or Baume-les-Messieurs. In the culinary field, the Jura has many gastronomic and Michelin star restaurants.

When talking about wines, the Jura has not less than 7 AOC wines: the Crémant du Jura which is a sparkling wine, the Macvin, les Côtes du Jura, Château-Chalon, l’Etoile, Arbois et Marc du Jura. An extra reason to discover this unknown but amazing region during an authentic wine tour.

On the way to Languedoc-Roussillon, and coming from Burgundy and the Jura, slightly into the Alps, under the Lake of Geneva, lies the Savoie wine region with fairytale snow-covered peaks in the background. The ideal picture to continue your authentic wine tour through France for a few days.

In addition, you can try everything about Alpine gastronomy in the Savoie. From the famous Reblochon and Raclette de Savoie cheeses, to the more gourmet dishes. With the delicious Savoie wines you will fully enjoy yourself in excellent local and Michelin star restaurants.

The Rhone wine region, with its regional capital Lyon, is one of the most famous wine regions in France, with Bordeaux and Champagne. In addition to delicious well-known wines, you can also indulge yourself with the many cultural events, such as the Festival d ‘Avignon and the countless cultural sights, many of which are listed as UNESCO.

Where Paris has the beautiful bistros, Lyon is the regional capital with the “Bouchons”, a typical dining room, half bistro, half restaurant, where you can eat delicious regional dishes with sometimes Michelin star top chefs making them.

Driving a little further south during your wine tour through France, close to the Mediterranean Sea, lies the wine region of Provence, with some well-known wines, and yet surprisingly, a number of unknown vineyards in the department of the Var, such as near Bandol and Sanary-sur-Mer. Of course, these wines mix well with the local fish-rich regional dishes that you will find in abundance in the local regional restaurants and Michelin star restaurants.

For nature lovers there is more than enough to see. In late spring, early summer, you can see and photograph the beautiful lavender fields. Other attractions are the Gorges du Verdon, the beautiful villages such as Gordes, Ramatuelle, or Peillon.

After some wonderful days en route to the south of France, you will arrive in the Languedoc-Roussillon for your wine tour through France. From the first moment, at Nîmes to the last point on the border with Spain, this wine region is overflowing with delicious wines. Côteaux du Gard, the Hérault near Montpellier and its surroundings, the Corbières near Narbonne or the Muscat near Rivesalte and the Banyuls along the terraces on the Mediterranean Sea, this region has an unbelievably wide variety of unique wines.

Not only does the region offer unique wines, the Languedoc-Roussillon also has beautiful villages, nature and a UNESCO-registered train, the Train Jaune that will take you to the Cerdagne, in the Pyrenees over high bridges and through beautiful landscapes.

A few hours away and you are in the Bordeaux wine region listed on the UNESCO world heritage list and with its own real wine university. Not only will you get your money’s worth here if you love fine wines, even if you like castles and beautiful landscapes, you’ve come to the right place.

Bordeaux and its surroundings not only offer excellent wines, but also gastronomically there are an unbelievably large number of good regional restaurants and Michelin restaurants. If you want an unforgettable wine tour in the Bordeaux wine region, stay in one of the beautiful authentic castles, take a balloon ride over the vineyards and end the day with a romantic dinner in a restaurant where you can taste delicious regional dishes.

After a wonderful tour through the Bordeaux wine region via the Dordogne and Périgord, you will come to the Loire, the longest river in France and home to not only some of the greatest French castles such as Chambord, but also delicious, lesser-known wines near the estuary of the Loire, closeby the city of Nantes. In addition, the region has its own gastronomic regional dishes prepared by star chefs. The Loire region is also a beautiful region to explore by bike and for many more activities such as hot air balloon rides.

In short, there is so much choice in France that you probably won’t have any difficulty to find something suitable which you want to see or do. Search our offers now or request a free quote at When you book a wine tour with us, we select for you the best authentic accommodations and, if desired, we will advise you a selection of restaurants. Of course you also get a roadmap with the must-see places along your wine route.

Best wineries to visit

Wine tasting and tour of wineries in France at unique locations

Many French wine farms have a chateau or other imposing and authentic building on the estate between the vineyards, which, thanks to its location and position, dominates the area. In France, thousands of visitors come to these sometimes idyllic yet beautiful, sometimes fairy-tale, wineries. What do you think of the Château Hôtel Spa Grand Barrail in Saint-Émilion or the Hostellerie Cèdre in Burgundy? These are just two examples where you can eat excellent dishes, sleep well in an authentic wine chateau and taste delicious wines.

The best accommodation for your wine tour through France

From fairytale wine chateaus to authentic renovated bed & breakfasts …

France has everything you need for the perfect wine experience. From fairytale wine chateaus with a view of the vineyards from your room to the best wine bars and best restaurants in the most special places. Of course, wine tastings and tours of the wine cellars in the most unique locations cannot be missed on your trip.

Whatever activities you want to undertake during your wine tour or thematic approach you want to give to your wine tour, for example a culinary discovery tour, every region, every hotel has something special. From small boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts with a lot of charm and authenticity to larger luxury wine hotels with a more modern design and sometimes their own wellness and spa center or golf course, each type of accommodation offers the opportunity to fully relax, relax and enjoy your unique wine experience.

A quick selection of France's best wine tours and accommodation

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