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A wine tour to Spain, one of the largest wine countries in the world and the country with the widest range of wine types, is a wine lover’s dream. Red wines, white wines, rosé wines, cava, and other more unknown wines that you can all taste during visits to authentic wineries. From Catalonia and Galicia to Andalusia and the Canary Islands, Spain has an unbelievably large number of different grape varieties, each of which makes unique wines in all price ranges. At we are happy to take you to the most special wines that Spain has to offer during a wine tour.

During a wine tour to Spain you will not only discover unique wines, you will also see a unique authentic tourist destination. A wine tour is the ideal way to travel away from mass tourism and you will discover beautiful small villages, nature and you can participate in de-stressing activities that you could not have planned anywhere else. Hiking, horseback riding, golf, whatever you wish for, will organize it for you during a unique and authentic wine tour through Spain.

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Tips & Tricks - Wine tour Spain

What are the best wine routes and wine regions to visit on your wine trip to Spain?

Spain has an unprecedented range of wines where the most famous wines are probably the red Rioja wines. Nevertheless, Spain as a wine country is much more than just Rioja and we at dare to say that you certainly had not thought of the wines of Mallorca or the Canary Islands for instance, is it correct? Indeed, Spain has beautiful well-known wine regions such as Rioja, but also many much less well-known wine regions such as Andalusia or Galicia, or almost unknown ones such as the Balearic Islands with Mallorca or the Canary Islands. organizes your wine tour to your favourite wine destination in Spain. Discover here the six most popular and much less or almost unknown wine regions of Spain that you should not miss on a wine tour to Spain.

Spain has a large number of quality labels for its wines. At, we have therefore chosen to let you taste only the best Spanish quality wines, the DOCs, when you travel to this wine country, and the most special or unique wines within unknown wine regions that Spain has to offer. This way you no longer have to worry about whether you get to taste good quality wines. Yes, you get it without a doubt! Cava wine, Sherry wines, Vermouth wines, the almost ordinary white and red wines, and many historical wines … That is only a small summary of what Spain can offer you when talking about wines.

During a wine tour through Spain you will have the opportunity to taste these beautiful wines and meet the local winemakers who make these wines. You can learn all about the history of these wines, about their special flavours and texture, and more.

When is the best time to visit the Spanish wine regions?

Thanks to its southern location on the Mediterranean Sea, Spain enjoys many hours of sunshine a year and can be visited almost all year round if you intend to go there for a wine tour. However, each wine region has a different climate. With the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, Galicia in northwest Spain is certainly not comparable to the weather in the Balearic Islands or Andalusia. It is also useful to look at the purpose of your wine tour.

If you want to make a wine tour to Spain to taste delicious wines and do a lot of sightseeing, the most pleasant periods are the early and late season. In the vast majority of Spain, it can be quite warm in the summer months of July and August, especially in Andalusia. On the other hand, the weather can be fine and pleasant in Galicia where the Atlantic climate brings a lot of rain in the fall and winter months.

If you want to do a certain activity around the wine theme, such as harvesting grapes, the right season is usually between mid-August and early or mid-October depending on the region where you want to do it and the climate that year. Indeed, due to climate change, there are some shifts here and there and it is not always possible to predict correctly.

If you want to have a wonderful wine tour to Spain, do not hesitate to send us a free quote request and we will look with you at the right solutions for your ideal wine tour to Spain. We will then not only select the best time to go, we will also find the best restaurants, the most beautiful authentic accommodation and book entrance tickets for any museums such as the Alhambra.

Spain is one of the largest wine countries in the world in terms of vineyard area, if not the largest, and has at least an evenly proportionate range of accommodation. Wine country Spain is one of the most popular destinations for a wine tour and for good reason. Whatever wine region you go to in Spain, each has its own unique wines made by passionate winemakers who often have an accommodation option on the vineyard making it possible to combine wine tastings and overnight stays in wine hotels and other charming bed & breakfasts in a total wine experience.

If you want an authentic stay during a wine tour through Spain, there is more than enough choice. Paradores, beautiful old monasteries, bed & breakfasts and bodegas or wine hotels, there is satisfaction for everyone in this area. Ask us about the possibilities and we are happy to help you. has selected the best wine-related accommodation for you where every wine lover will feel at home. If you have special wishes, please let us know and we will arrange everything you need for the perfect wine tour to Spain.

Wine regions Spain

The Rioja wine region has a long wine tradition and history that goes back to the Romans, about 2000 years ago. Since that time, the wine region has experienced quite a few developments until it developed into one of the most famous wine regions in the world today. Her wines are actually so easy to drink that they can be appreciated by a large range of wine lovers. Thanks to its popularity, the Rioja wine region is also one of the most visited wine regions in Spain. This does not alter the fact that there are still areas within the Rioja that remain more unknown than the rest. has selected these wine regions and wineries for you so that you can taste these extraordinary wines with much serenity during a tour of what we think are the best wineries in this region.

If you want to sleep in an authentic accommodation during your wine tour in the Rioja wine region, there is more than enough choice. From authentic bodegas and haciendas, which are wine farms and bed & breakfast, to beautiful and modern four- and five-star hotels, The Rioja wine region has everything you need for a successful wine experience. Ask us about the possibilities and we are happy to help you.

Thanks to its location nearby the Atlantic coast in north-western Spain, Galicia has a mild sea climate with a lot of rain. It is not without reason one of the greener regions of Spain. All this also has a great influence on the Galician wines. Her wines are therefore closer in taste and texture to the wines from northern Portugal than the rest of Spain. Galicia has 5 wine areas with their own DO as it is called locally. Monterrei, Rías Baixas, Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras are the 5 Denominacións de Orixe (DO in Gallican). The best thing about wine is that the grape varieties are endless and each region has its own endemic varieties, including Galicia. Albariño, Godello, or the Mencía are just a few examples.

Galicia is a lesser known wine region in Spain, but not when it comes to beautiful sights. Santiago de Compostella is of course the most famous place where many tourists come on a pilgrimage every year. Praia das Catedrais, Torre de Hercules, Muralla Romana de Lugo, and the Cies Islands are other beautiful cultural and natural sights that you will want to see during a wine tour through Galicia.

There is no lack of authentic accommodation options. From bodegas and Paradores to luxury hotels with golf and wellness, Galicia has a lot to offer you as a wine lover whatever budget you want to spend. The many old but renovated and beautiful accommodations will add all the extra charm to your wine experience through Galicia.

Catalonia is one of the larger and most popular wine regions of Spain, but remains relatively unknown to the general public, where mainly Rioja and Cava wines dominate in Spanish wine exports. That is a pity, because Catalonia has a large choice of delicious wines, both red and white, which have acquired a unique texture thanks to the Mediterranean climate. Catalonia is the birthplace of the Cava and especially the wine region of Penedès. Cava has become extremely popular over the years and thanks to this invention, Catalonia is and remains the largest producer of Cava in Spain. During your wine tour through Catalonia you will discover the whole story about the Cava and its history. But of course, it does not stop there. Besides the Cava, you will also discover many other smaller wineries that make excellent quality wines thanks to grape varieties such as the Macabeo, Parellada and the Xarel-lo for the white grapes and the Garnache, Monastrell or the Tempranillo with the red grape varieties.

During your wine tour through Catalonia you will discover both delicious wines and beautiful sights. Not only Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia are a must, but how about the monastery of Montserrat or Santa María de Poblet, the medieval villages of Besalú and Beget, or the beautiful rock formations of Pedraforca. These are just a few examples that you can see during a beautiful wine tour through Catalonia.

There is also nothing missing in terms of accommodation. From the most beautiful and luxurious four- and five-star hotels to authentic wine farms and even, if you are fond of Gaudi architecture, a wine hotel that suspiciously adopts that beautiful Gaudi Style. This way you can fully immerse yourself in an authentic Catalan wine experience.

Andalusia is one of the Spanish provinces with the longest wine history in the country and enjoys quite a few hours of sunshine a year thanks to its southern location near the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to these two assets, the wines of Andalusia are not only unique, they also have many qualities that make wines from Andalusia actually deserve a top place in wine rankings. In addition to these delicious wines, many of which are DO labels, Andalusia also has some historical tinted wines without DOC, but nonetheless excellent to taste. The Moscatel from Chipiona, the Mosto from Aljarafe or the Tintilla from Rota are just a few examples that you should definitely try during your authentic wine tour through Andalusia. Don’t forget the Sherry wine, another specialty from this beautiful province.

But Andalusia is more than just delicious and special wines. Besides the famous delicious tapas and beautiful cities such as Sevilla, Granada, and Cordoba, Andalusia is also the province of Flamenco. What goes better than a nice car tour of the best wineries, and after check-in in your hotel, go to a cafe to see flamenco dance with a glass of wine? Besides beautiful cities and delicious gastronomy, Andalusia has also beautiful nature with the Sierra Nevada, beautiful mountain villages such as Ronda built between high rocks, and much more.

In addition to fine wines, beautiful sightseeing, Andalusia is also the destination if you want to see a part of authentic Spain and sleep in authentic accommodations. Indeed, Andalusia has many wine farms, wine hotels, and other more modern hotels where you can stay in comfort and eat delicious food. Do you like authenticity and not too busy, then an authentic wine tour to Andalusia is definitely for you.

The Canary Islands are probably the least known wine region with its own DO label in Spain. You would say that the Canary Islands is a very popular destination with 360 days of sun and beach a year. But when you go on a wine tour to the Canary Islands, you don’t come into contact with mass tourism much, because you choose the authentic way to explore these beautiful islands.

If you want a special destination for your wine tour, the Canary Islands with its volcanic surface are a recommended destination. They are also one of the oldest vineyards in Spain. Because the islands are so remote, certain diseases have been unable to reach the wine crops so that these hundreds of years old vines are still there and produce unique wines. During your wine tour through the Canary Islands, except for Lanzarote, a significant wine production, you can of course also sleep in unique hotels and wine farms. Your wine tour to the Canary Islands is not only authentic, but also a unique wine experience in itself.

The Balearic Islands with Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca, like the Canary Islands, despite being a very popular destination, are an undiscovered wine destination within Spain. When you go to the Balearic Islands especially for a wine tour, you will indeed soon be off the beaten track of mass tourism which is even more pleasant.

The Balearic Islands have about 2000 years old wine history, but due to the Phylloxera plague, this production has come to a complete standstill and disappeared. Wine production had to be rebuilt and today the Balearic Islands have 2 DOCs, namely Binissalem and Pla i Llevant. Of course, there are also other red and white wines that you can taste during your wine tour to Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca and are just as big thanks to the abundant sun.

If you want more than just wine tasting, the Balearic Islands offer beautiful nature and a wonderful sea where you can go swimming. You may also rent a catamaran to sail around the islands, another original way of wine travel. If you prefer to remain on land, accommodation is plenty. There are many beautiful authentic and charming wine farms and bed & breakfasts where you can stay and eat in comfort. If you want more luxury, there is nothing missing in the Balearic Islands. There are many beautiful four- and five-star hotels and villas with swimming pool where you can spend the night.

Best wineries to visit

Wine tasting and tour of wineries from Galicia to Barcelona and the Basque Country via the Golden Mile winery route to the Canary Islands

From small-scale wineries to large and prestigious wineries in the form of monasteries, agritourism, or more modern wine farms, Spain has all types of wineries that you could wish for as a wine lover. Moreover, you can also sleep at these great wineries. Depending on the time of year, you can even get guided tours from the winemaker himself to get to know the history of the winery from a personal angle.

At we have selected the best wineries for you from Galicia to Barcelona and the Basque Country via the Golden Mile winery route and the Canary Islands. Whichever wine region you wish to discover or perhaps all of them, you will walk into the best wineries in Spain and taste some delicious wines that will amaze you.

The best accommodation for your wine tour through Spain

Spending the night in a monastery or a modern wine hotel, whatever you may want, Spain has it all for you.

Spain has everything you need for the perfect wine experience. From beautiful monasteries converted into modern wine hotel with SPA and wellness with a view on the vineyards from your room to the best wine bars and best restaurants in the most special places. Of course, wine tastings and tours of the wine cellars in the most unique locations cannot be missed.

Whatever activities you want to undertake during your wine tour or thematic approach you want to give to your wine tour, for example a culinary discovery tour, every region, every hotel has something special. From small boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts with a lot of charm and authenticity to larger luxury wine hotels with a more modern design and sometimes their own wellness and spa center or golf course, each type of accommodation offers the opportunity to fully relax, relax and enjoy your unique wine experience.

A quick selection of Spain's best wine tours and accommodation

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